RWA artists talk in gallery
The RWA is one of five Royal Academies of Great Britain and Ireland and has a membership of 150 Academicians elected by their peers.The Academy supports a community of artists at every stage of their careers and has recently launched a new Artist Members Scheme. View profiles of our existing Academicians and RWA Artist Network - please note that this area of our website is under construction, and not all artist profiles are available to view.

Becoming an Academician

Academicians are artists at the forefront of their profession who have achieved excellence in their field. Membership is by application and selection.

Academicians are elected on the basis that they are:

• Practising artists or architects of ability and experience
• Creators of art works judged to be of a consistently high standard
• Willing to undertake the commitments and responsibilities of elected membership of the Academy

Elected members are expected to contribute to the activities of the Academy. This includes exhibiting in the annual Autumn Exhibition and assisting in the work of the Academy with exhibitions, events and educational activities. Candidates have already been shortlisted for this year, but between November 2014 and 27th February 2015, we will be accepting applications from new candidates looking to become Academicians in 2015.

To find out more about Becoming an Academician and Academician Rights and Responsibilities and Benefits, or to request an Academician Application Form please contact Sophie Bristol.

Becoming a member of the RWA Artist Network

The Artist Network is currently undergoing a number of structural revisions. More information about the relaunch of the Artist Network will be available in due course.