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The RWA is one of five Royal Academies of Great Britain and Ireland and has a membership of 150 Academicians elected by their peers. You can view profiles of our existing Academicians and RWA Artist Network by clicking on the links - please note that this area of our website is under construction, and not all artist profiles are available to view.


The RWA is one of the five Royal Academies of Great Britain and Ireland. It is an independent arts organisation with a number of membership schemes. The RWA is pleased to be re-launching its Artist Network membership scheme, aimed at practising visual artists wishing to develop their artistic careers.

The RWA exists to advance the arts, culture and heritage, and the education of the public in the fine arts, to uphold standards in contemporary art and to promote the appreciation of and develop talent and excellence in the fine arts.

It does this by presenting a regular and varied programme of exhibitions, by forging education links with schools, universities and art colleges, by maintaining and developing an important collection of works of art and by acting as a major regional venue where the arts may be appreciated and encouraged.

Becoming an Academician

Academicians are artists at the forefront of their profession who have achieved excellence in their field. Membership is by application and selection.

Academicians are elected on the basis that they are:

• Practising artists or architects of ability and experience
• Creators of art works judged to be of a consistently high standard
• Willing to undertake the commitments and responsibilities of elected membership of the Academy

Elected members are expected to contribute to the activities of the Academy. This includes exhibiting in the annual Autumn Exhibition and assisting in the work of the Academy with exhibitions, events and educational activities.

The deadline for applications this year has now passed and the shortlist will be announced shortly. The deadline for 2017's applications will be next March.

To find out more about Becoming an Academician and Academician Rights and Responsibilities and Benefits, or to request an Academician Application Form please contact Jess Kirkby.

Becoming a member of the RWA Artist Network

Are you an artist looking for opportunities to develop your career? Would you like to be involved in a thriving arts organisation with opportunities to exhibit, network, socialise and promote yourself? Do you want the opportunity to play a part in shaping the future of Bristol’s first established art gallery?

The RWA's vision is to create a 21st century gallery for all, providing a unique resource within the region. You can now join us in our goal to become the most exciting and inspirational centre for the visual arts by becoming an Artist Member for only £10 a month.


The RWA Artist Network is open to practicing visual artists.  It provides an opportunity for artists to engage with the RWA, providing access to a wider peer network and professional advice and support. Your application will be subject to selection based on the quality of the work you present in the application. The Selection Panel is made up of RWA Academicians.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:  15th June and 15th December annually

Members are encouraged to support and engage with our exhibitions and learning programme and will benefit from contact with our Academician body, which plays a vital role in the RWA's artistic community.

The scheme is open to:

RWA Artist Network entitlements:

Members are required to:

*This can be used as an opportunity to enhance your practice with opportunities available as part of the learning programme, technical team and professional support.


The next application deadline is 15th June 2016.  All applications must be sent via email to Your application must contain an artist CV, artist statement (no more than 300 words) and between 5-10 images of your work, labelled with medium, size and date.

Please note, membership of the Artist Network is not automatic. It is subject to selection based on the quality of the artwork submitted and the criteria outlined above.  Any application will be viewed by at least three members of our Artist Network Selection Committee, which is made up of seven RWA Academicians with careers in painting, drawing, sculpture and print-making.  We will endeavour to ensure that your application is viewed by at least one member of the Selection Committee with whom you share your artistic discipline.

Your CV should include:

We will use the first 5 images supplied and your artist statement for your web profile. This may be amended at a later date.

Please send applications to Jess Kirkby, Membership Administrator, by email at: