'Camelia' [medium] oil on canvas [/medium], 101 x 127cm.

'Camelia' , 101 x 127cm. oil on canvas

'Cornucopia' [medium] oil on canvas [/medium], 132 x 127cm

'Cornucopia' , 132 x 127cm oil on canvas

 'La Fran├žaise' [medium] oil on canvas [/medium], 101 x 127cm

'La Fran├žaise' , 101 x 127cm oil on canvas

'Mediterranean Garden' [medium] oil on canvas [/medium],101 x 127cm

'Mediterranean Garden' ,101 x 127cm oil on canvas

Alan Kingsbury began painting in oils at the age of nine and, beguiled by art of the European masters went on to study art history and subsequently worked in museum and auction room environments.

From 1986 he turned to painting full time, working initially in Italy then Scotland and since 1991 has settled in West Cornwall.

For over twenty years his work was characterised by imaginative figure subjects but currently he concentrates on large scale still life, interior and landscape compositions in a fluid and painterly style.

Kingsbury Alan, RWA

Date of birth: 1960

Profession : Painter

Website: www.alankingsbury.com

Email: enquiries@alankingsbury.com