The essence of my painting practice is rooted in a simple ideology which provides a platform of rich possibility. I hope for authenticity in my work. Authenticity is when nothing is out of kilter. Everything holds together. Authenticity can appear in the smallest of sketches and the grandest of gestures. I quickly lose the authentic in my work when I try too hard to make a statement. I often work from, and return to, a base of colour and form. If these aren’t working no other intention can be carried successfully. I love the stuff of paint and the potency of colour. I’ve been working predominantly with landscape subjects. They offer an immediate point of entry into the activity of painting but by returning to certain places I have the opportunity to develop an ongoing dialogue; something I value, whether working on site or in the studio. I like to believe that art has a relational aspect to it. Artist and viewer choose to share a moment of intimacy. What the artist offers and how the viewer reciprocates determines the quality of the relationship.

Cazzulini Marco

Profession: Painter