I love the land that makes up the British Isles and in particular my home surroundings. I work directly with oil colour onto dark, primed panels and use a close-toned, chalky palette applied and abrased with a variety of tools. I feel free to make up my colours depending on how I feel being in that place. I like to put in an unexpected colour, pattern or an object if it suggests itself. A picture can really change the world, change the way you see it and what you value in life. It is light and mood; rhythmical line and movement; people, sea and the land that interest me. Ploughed field lines in the snow; bright flowers in a heat haze; hens resting in the veg patch; blue smoke rising from a bonfire far away. I like the simplicity of line and earth colours of early Egyptian frescoes and the St Ives artists of the early C20th are an inspiration.

De Berker Joy

Profession: Painter

Website: www.joydeberker.com