Working primarily as a painter, since graduating in Fine Art Painting at Loughborough College of Art and Design, my work explores the dynamic between figurative representation, expression and the physical plasticity of paint as a medium. My paintings are expressive interpretations of memories of places and times triggered by close connection and knowledge of the subject.

The form and content of the paintings emerge and evolve intuitively and simultaneously, frequently beginning with an intent to express relationships and dynamics of human emotion and interactions, sometimes directly and at other times through metaphorical representations of animals, either singly, in groups or with people. The fragility and vulnerability inherent in the images, created through a combination of line, washes and glazes counterpoints a stalwart strength and solidity of the forms. Universal and timeless themes of humanity and existence pervade throughout.

Known people, places and spaces provide a stimulus for spontaneous gestural depictions using colour and form to create atmospheric memories with suggested or defined traces of presence. Narratives are implicit within the paintings, simultaneously imagined yet universally understood and always with the intent that the viewer can infer their own personal meaning and connection with the work.

My paintings are as much about paint as their subject matter, endeavouring to communicate and infect the viewer with my own joy of painting. Paint is added and removed, images re-worked, creating densely layered sections and areas of sparse contrast, as the images evolve.

Dudman Sara

Profession: Painter