Born in Dorset, 1985. Completed a degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2007. Currently living and working in the South West, based in Bristol. My work concerns the landscape and the evocative nature of the world we live in. I do not depict the real landscapes of our world – but the imaginary ones, the ones we travel to in our wildest and scariest dreams. In my work the landscape is used as a metaphor for an ever-changing and unpredictable world. I want the viewer to be enchanted and absorbed by my paintings, as if they were caught up in the moment of a tumultuous storm or sublime dream. Absolutely central to the landscape and my work is the horizon line, which both divides and separates the land from sky. There is irony here - as the horizon line, is in a sense an imaginary line, one that is always seen in the distance and never quite reached by the viewer. The light at the end of the horizon line; guiding the viewer in, is also a very important element to my work. The light is a guiding force, which draws the viewer into the landscape and shows a possible escape route and path through the chaos.

Grundon, Jemma

Profession: Painter