'Janis Joplin in Heaven' [medium] Collino [/medium], 22 x 22

'Janis Joplin in Heaven' , 22 x 22 Collino

'Recording the Jurassic' [medium] Collino [/medium], 52 x 74

'Recording the Jurassic' , 52 x 74 Collino

'The Big Society' [medium] Collino [/medium], 60 x 80

'The Big Society' , 60 x 80 Collino

'The Redemption Narrative' [medium] Collino [/medium], 61 x 97

'The Redemption Narrative' , 61 x 97 Collino

'Vespers' [medium] Collino [/medium], 73 x 114

'Vespers' , 73 x 114 Collino

Hugh Dunford Wood lives in Dorset overlooking the sea. He has worked as an artist since his art school days in Oxford in the 1970s. He has painted landscapes and portraits, he has designed textiles and wallpapers (www.handmadewallpaper.co.uk) and now he makes editioned prints and one-off prints made up of small separate linocuts. They are worked around a themed series, not telling a story, but creating a mood more like poems than illustrations. The nature of the medium seems to isolate the individual components of each print giving them an abbreviated economy, both in execution and in interpretation.

Dunford Wood Hugh

Profession: Fine Artist

Website: www.dunfordwood.co.uk