Much of my personal work is about exposing and giving significance to the accidental beauty of unintended compositions. For a long time these "unintended compositions" were almost entirely Landscape photographs but recently I have been photographing stored, sometimes forgotten and usually hidden objects. Like the Landscapes these are images of “found” objects in "found" compositions. I don't know whether the person or persons who chose these particular objects and arranged them did so randomly, or for practical reasons of conservation, for storage or perhaps there was no conscious motivation at all. Certainly their work was never intended to impart any narrative to a future viewer. By choosing my viewpoint, framing and lighting, I try to create references towards the conventions of classical Still Life painting. The original scene may not have had a narrative but by my actions I am inviting the viewer to look for their own narrative and to attribute significances of their own to each object and its place in the composition. Over the years I have completed a variety of photographic commissions for business customers, who usually want creative photography, and for charity customers, such as the National Trust and PROPs, who typically require environmental portraiture. I also provide photo-editing services for other photographers and artists as well as teaching photo-editing techniques, primarily using the Photoshop software.

McCoubrey Neil

Profession: Photographer