My paintings generally come out of the discovery that shape and form can express a hidden language of expression. I have also been connecting with aspects of my personality and have found that shape, colour and format are connected to who I am – and how I communicate. I work in a variety of inter-linked styles that are attributed to these parts of me. Sometimes the work is quite graphic and ‘readable’ and comes from my conscious-self. At other times the work is very much from my subconscious and connects with dreams and abstract thoughts. I also have a small number of pieces that work with both genres, mixing the obvious and the sub-conscious together. My recent paintings are a continuation of developing style and technique. From working over the past two years I have come to recognise the different ways I am able to express the stories and the journey of life. I have come to realise that there is more than one expressive ‘voice’ within. Hence some of the works are out of sequence and depend on the stance I am taking at the time. It also makes the choice of which style represents me impossible to tie down.

Richmond Lucie

Profession: Paintings