[medium]An alternative place to perch III[/medium]

An alternative place to perch III

Rose is a Bristol based artist who graduated in 2003 at The University of the West of England with a BA (hons) degree in Illustration. Over the past 10 years her work has steadily progressed towards Fine Art Painting, allowing her more creative freedom. She has exhibited in numerous shows, locally (Bristol, Bath, London, Plymouth, Glasgow) and internationally (Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore).

Rose’s main influences come from Nature and the things that are generally disregarded in the World around her. Where some may see ugliness, disgust or distaste, she sees beauty and intrigue. Her paintings aim to invite people to explore past their first impressions and delve deeper into the heart of our Natural environments.

Currently living in the USA, surrounded by new Wild life and fresh inspiration, it will be exciting to see how her future work evolves!

Sanderson Rose

Profession: Painter

Website: www.rosesanderson.com