Other painters tell me my landscapes are somewhat English and grey, like English weather. I've found, with some surprise, I like to paint on the beach. I enjoy brushy work that speaks of a painter's experience of a place at a particular time. I'm a painter of still lifes in the winter. I rely on natural light.

On the recommendation of a friend, I studied painting and drawing at Lavender Hill Studio, a traditional atalier-style painting class in London, for two years. It was hard to leave. I now have a space at a shared studio in Winchester. I set up small still lifes in the studio, to concentrate on tonality, a piece of garlic next to a cup, or a few red onions.

Originally I studied Fine Art Printmaking at London Metropolitan University, where I focused on etching. At first I took my sketchbook to the printmaking workshop and worked up prints from the drawings. Towards the end of the degree, I was taking pre-prepared plates outside, painting white spirit into the wax, then etching the plates back at college. By then I wanted to be a painter again.

Weller Michael

Profession: Painter

Website: http://michaelweller.co.uk/home.html