Filthy Luker’s debut installation at the RWA depicts a giant plughole and plug. With typically striking sculptural forms, the site-specific artist has responded humorously to the physical qualities and aesthetic challenges of the recently cleared backyard.

His new piece carries further poignancy at the Royal West of England Academy of Art by passing comment on the socio-political and financial dilemma faced by the arts and the education system in the UK today. His footnote – “R.I.P. ART” – scrawled onto an apparent tombstone (found on site during the installation) drums home this darker meaning.

About the artist: Filthy Luker has been creating inflatables for more than 17 years. The shapes are designed on a computer using 3D design technology. Digitally unwrapping the forms, the patterns are printed onto large format paper, then hand cut and sewn using various grades of coated nylon. The cloth objects are then inflated using a constantly-powered fan.

PLEASE NOTE: Ironically, due to flooding the pathway leading around the sculpture has been restricted to viewing at one end only.

20 January - 4 March 2012

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