With a Bengali – English background, Dina spent her childhood surrounded by colourful characters on her grandfather’s veranda, taking snaps of his eclectic visitors and imagining their stories. From that veranda she dreamt of a life in the Himalaya, a stone’s throw from the steamy Bengali plains, just so she could meet the characters who lived there.

Instead, via a career as a scientist at Cambridge filming volcanoes in her spare time, she fell into a career at the BBC where she has worked across a range of television and radio documentaries including the award winning ‘Human Planet’. Along the way she has shared the tales of some remarkable characters, earning her a BBC award for creativity – which she donates to those characters and their families.

‘What Happens in Between’ is a response to the question Dina was most asked about her time on location with the ‘Human Planet Mountains’ film team. It is a collection of scenes taken when the film cameras stopped rolling and the characters were at play ... and all shot through the eye of her time on the veranda.

All framed work on display is NFS. Unframed prints are available to purchase from the RWA Front of House Team.

Dates: 29th June - 30th August 2012 Cafe Gallery

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