August 2012

Still Waters and Revolutions, Abigail McDougall

31 August - 1 October, Cafe Gallery

This exhibition provides a balanced look at the artist's desire to convey beauty, peacefulness and simplicity, as found in the Japanese woodblock prints of the ukiyo-e period, and traditional Chinese brush paintings; alongside subjects of unrest, protest and challenge.

Ray Rawlings

18 August- 27 September in the Long Gallery - Free admission - All works are for sale.

Architectural and Landscape paintings and prints, including a special section for Railway enthusiasts by watercolour artist Ray Rawlings.

Dina Mufti - What Happens In Between

Dates: 29th June - 30th August 2012 Cafe Gallery

'What Happens in Between' is a response to the question Dina was most asked about her time on location with the 'Human Planet Mountains' film team. It is a collection of scenes taken when the film cameras stopped rolling and the characters were at play ... and all shot through the eye of her time on the veranda.

Yvonne Auld & David Auld

7 July - 16 August Free admission - Long Gallery exhibition.

Exhibition of works in the Long Gallery by Yvonne Auld and David Auld

Darwin's Tea Party by Nicole Etienne [medium] [/medium]

Unnatural - Natural History

Exhibition: 14th July - 23rd September 2012

From feathers to folklore. 37 artists blend innovative art and natural history to create a disturbing world.