April 2013

6 - 24 April 2013

Kerstin McGregor Retrospective

6 - 24 April 2013

Previously unseen works from a 'powerful, striking, technically accomplished' artist.

Ann Baber, Long Gallery

13 April - 23 May Long Gallery

Work by artist Ann Baber.

Drawn 2013

23 March - 2nd June

Drawn aims to raise the profile of drawing, presenting it as both an autonomous discipline and an interdisciplinary tool. From artists who either draw, or explore the concept of drawing in their work, the show features work from illustrators, videographers, sculptors, printers, embroiderers, typographers, animators and architects.

Ursula Newell-Walker - The Long Gallery

2nd March - 11th April

Places 'at the edge' are a recurring motif, such as Somerset with its high skies, and definite horizon or the window ledge where the light from outside meets that of the inside. In both cases, there is a meeting of two realities, physical and psychological. A sense of immediacy is central to the work.