Blue Eye[medium]Wire drawing[/medium]

Blue Eye Wire drawing

Introspective [medium]Bronze Maquette[/medium]

Introspective Bronze Maquette

Lady Hares in a Forest[medium]Wire[/medium]

Lady Hares in a Forest Wire

Nell's Feet[medium]Wire drawing[/medium]

Nell's Feet Wire drawing

Open Hand[medium]Wire drawing[/medium]

Open Hand Wire drawing

Sleeping Feet[medium]Wire[/medium]

Sleeping Feet Wire

Temple to the 200 Rabbits (installation) [medium]Fibreglass[/medium]

Temple to the 200 Rabbits (installation) Fibreglass

Sophie Ryder is one of the leading sculptors working in Britain today. Her work is an amalgamation of multiple forms: animal and human; miniature and monumental; domestic and wild; transparent and opaque. It encompasses fact and fiction – part-autobiographical, part-mythology – and straddles two very different worlds.

Monumental brings the outside in and allows for a conversation between scale, site and sculpture. Miniature maquettes sit alongside statuesque bronzes and creatures constructed from wire; drawings and models show the process from idea to finished work. Ryder’s work is monumental in stature, but also lends itself to a more abstract understanding of the term. It bears a history, a past, commemorating both Ryder’s physical and philosophical input into the work. It is in this sense that the fragility of the work shines through: a monument to its own construction.





Sophie Ryder joins us on the first day of her exhibition at the RWA to discuss her work and career as one of the leading sculptors working in Britain today. Booking in advance is essential.

To book please call the RWA on 0117 973 5129.

Bath Ales

12 June – 8 September 2013

Admission prices

Adult Gift aid admission £4.50

Concessions £3

Repeat Exhibition ticket (unlimited repeat visits to this show) £8

Under 16s/Filton Students FREE

Opening times

Monday - Saturday - 9.30-5pm Sunday - 11 - 5pm Last admission half an hour before closing