Duncan Elliott’s sculpture trail forms part of Bristol’s ten-day international Festival of Stone. Starting with the work Overhead Kick at the RWA, the trail is made up of 25 key locations providing an opportunity to explore a number of cultural organizations across the city. This dynamic sculpture will be on display in the RWA entrance hall, demonstrating Elliott’s attempt to conquer the challenges of classicism through an organic response to nature. It is representative of his approach to sculpting in which fragments of natural stone are linked together by drilling and pinning - as though restoring a classical sculpture.

Elliott’s connection to the local limestone has been nurtured throughout his life, growing up and working locally in Somerset. The Festival of Stone provides a showcase for the work of new artists and internationally acclaimed sculptors, uncovering hidden talent and turning the spotlight on the Bristol region.

To find out more about the trail and the Festival of Stone please visit www.festivalofstone.com.

18 May – 16 June 2013