A Friends Exhibition in support of the RWA

Simon Holmes:

For 40 years I painted one oil, representational landscape every year on holiday, usually in Cornwall, in the style I had learned from the Slade trained Art teacher at school, an artist cousin, and the Lamorna artists who lived and worked near my family’s holiday home.

When I began to have more time, I felt the need to advance into more adventurous images. I always felt drawn to bold colour and the abstract, but found pure “ marks on paper” difficult. Attempts at pure abstract were usually disastrous. I enjoyed the nearly abstract landscapes such as Peter Lanyon and Ivon Hitchens. I am also interested in theories about how remembered images relate to reality. At the same time I discovered acrylic, which requires a certain spontaneity because it dries so quickly

Working in front of a subject leads to representation, so with still life, I find myself unable to do more than rearrange the shapes and colours. Landscape is still a draw, but the difficulties of taking tubes on aeroplanes, and generally carrying all the kit about, led me to making little watercolour sketches when travelling so that increasingly I make larger images from a sketch or photograph of something that was in front of me, but the product is not an accurate representation of a particular landscape, rather a memory or distillation of a place.

I have exhibited with RWA Friends and the Clifton Arts Club, and find exhibiting a great stimulus to picture making. I hope to continue to progress to ever more sophisticated images.

Simon Holmes 2

Sue Hudson-Price:

I have always drawn or painted from a very young age, passing through a phase of wanting to be a fashion designer when I was 14, to really enjoying my A level Art course with a wonderful teacher, Tom Purvis, with whom I am still in touch. I received no formal training but have attended as many classes and courses as work and family have allowed.

I think I have yet to define a style of my own, so with each new painting I set out on a fresh journey – always enjoyable, sometimes challenging, and always a surprise when I reach the end. I have a fascination for form and colour in nature, along with a fondness and affinity for the coast. I like to try and capture the form and colour, harmony or rhythm in nature. My work is purely an expression of joy in what I see, with no great message except, I hope, to convey some of that joy to the viewer.

I have previously exhibited mainly in local open exhibitions including the Bath Society of Artists, Clevedon Arts Club, Clifton Arts Club and the Royal West of England Academy. My work is also shown on the Isle of Arran at The Rockpool, Brodick and at the Castlekirk Gallery in Lochranza.

Sue Price

RWA Friends Gallery, 17 August - 26 September

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