The RWA are holding a Secret Postcard Auction on 3 July 2014 featuring dozens of small original artworks by leading British artists, including our own Academicians, Artist Network Members and leading figures from the art world, such as Turner Prize nominees and winners Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry, Richard Long and Alison Wilding and Royal Academicians including Norman Ackroyd, Hughie O'Donoghue, Terry Setch, Philip Sutton, Anthony Whishaw and Ken Howard.

The revealed artists and their works can be found here

Each of the ‘postcards’ – unique unframed artworks all measuring 7½" x 5½" (19 x 14cm) – are signed on the back by the artist, and a full list of contributing artists is available, but who did which one will remain secret until after the auction.

Bidding starts at just £40 - a cheap price for any original artwork, but it could be the bargain of the century if you manage to spot the work of a famous artist, such as a Turner Prize Winner or Royal Academician!

The postcards are available to view at the RWA prior to the auction (from Tuesday 24 June). Interested buyers will be able to place silent bids at any time up to 4.30pm on 3 July, or bid on the night, with a live auction of selected cards conducted by Andrew Morgan of Hollis Morgan Auctioneers.

The evening will include the chance to mingle with artists and other prospective buyers over a glass of wine, as well as the excitement of the auction itself.

N.B. All tickets for the live auction event and summer party are now SOLD OUT. However all the postcards are on display in the shop and bids can be placed anytime up to 4.30pm on 3 July.

So how will the Secret Postcard Auction work?

The ‘postcards’ have all been donated to raise funds for the RWA, Registered Charity No.1070163. Each has a minimum bid level of £40* - an inexpensive price for any original artwork, and a total bargain for one by a leading British artist!

They will go on show in the RWA reception area from 24 June – 3 July and visitors can come and see them and place a silent bid by filling in a bid slip (available from reception) at the maximum price they are willing to pay: the minimum is £40, and bids must be in £5 increments. The highest bid on each card will be placed alongside it, so you can see if there are any bids on the one you like, and if there are, how much you’ll have to bid in order to beat the current offer.

At the end of normal opening hours on 3 July, the dozen or so cards which have had most interest will be withdrawn to go into the live auction taking place that evening at our free summer party. If you’ve placed a bid on one of those to be auctioned, we’ll contact you to let you know.

All other cards will remain available for silent bids to be placed during the evening – and remember, it’s the ones with most interest in them that will be withdrawn for auction: it doesn’t mean that the ‘big names’ aren’t still among the rest, as no-one will know who did which card.

Come along and bid for what you like: if your bid wins, you will have an original work of art to enjoy for years to come – and you could come away with the bargain of the century!

Payment can be taken by card, cheque, cash and we also have facilities to take payment over the telephone or internet.

*Because the cards are anonymous at the point of purchase, a fair market value of £40 has been given for each one. Any payment above this level will be deemed to be a charitable donation for tax purposes, thus qualifying for Gift Aid.

You can view the postcards online here. Each is numbered with its lot number for reference.

A PDF of the full list of works with bids up to 6.00pm on Wednesday 2 July is available here.

Contributing Artists

Norman Ackroyd RA : Jessica Albarn : Derek Balmer PPRWA : Louise Balaam RWA : James Beale RE RWA : Martin Bentham RWA : Noel Betowski : Vince Bevan : Vera Boele-Keimer RWA : Maria Bowers : Olwyn Bowey RWA (Hon) : Martyn Brewster : John Butler RWA : Gerald Cains RWA : Rebecca Cains RWA : Zoe Cameron : Neil Canning : Paul Coldwell : Mat Collishaw : Jessica Cooper RWA : Glenys Cour : PJ Crook RWA : Yvonne Crossley RWA : Ros Cuthbert RWA : Philomena Davidson PPRBS RWA RSA : Patrick Daw RWA : Rosie Dolton : Chris Dunseath RWA : John Dyer : John Eaves RWA : Karen Edwards RWA : Tracey Emin CBE RA : Pure Evil : Jock McFadyen : Peter Folkes RA RWA : Peter Ford RWA : Rebecca Fortnum : Peter Fox : Stuart Geddes RWA : Christopher Glanville RWA : Anton Goldenstein : Judith Greenbury RWA : Maggi Hambling : Richard Hames : Gail Harvey : Tim Head : Fiona Hingston : Damien Hirst : Eileen Hogan : Douglas Holloway RWA : Ken Howard OBE RA RWA : John Huggins RWA : Moira Huntley RWA : Graham Ibbeson : David Inshaw RWA : Chris Insoll : Albert Irvin OBE RA RWA (Hon) : Kurt Jackson RWA : Stephen Jacobson VPRWA : Howard Jacobson : Bartosz Jekiel RWA : Luke Jerram : Lucy Jones : Laurence Kell : Janette Kerr PRWA : Judith Kerr : Jason Lane RWA : Andrew Lanyon : Cynthia Lear RWA : Simon Ledson : Angela Lizon : Debbie Locke RWA : Denny Long RWA : Richard Long RA RWA (Hon) : Peter Lord CBE : Leonard Manasseh PPRWA : Barry Martin : Robert Mason : Kate MccGwire : Louise McClary : Jock McFadyen : Anouk Mercier : Alice Mumford RWA : Neil Murison RWA (Hon) : Jason Lane RWA : Marian Leven RSA RSW : Denis Masi : Will Mclean RSA : Roger Moss : Andrew Munoz RWA : Lawrence Nash RWA : Rachel Nee RWA : Hughie O'Donoghue RA : Nina Ogden : Dione Page RWA : John Palmer RWA : Grayson Perry CBE RA : Michael Porter RWA : Deanna Petherbridge CBE : Mark Prescott ARBS RWA : Peter Randall Page RWA : Maxine Relton RWA : Shani Rhys James MBE : Michael Richards RWA : Fiona Robinson RWA : Maggie Royle : Rebecca Salter : Michael Sandle RA : Terry Setch RA RWA : John Shakespeare RBSA : Christopher Shurrock RWA : Dawn Sidoli RWA : Paul Spooner : Ralph Steadman : Alfred Stockham ARCA RWA (Hon) : Philip Sutton RA : Barrington Tabb RWA : Mia Taylor : Paul Thomas : Elizabeth Turrell RWA : George Tute RWA (Hon) : Karen Wallis : Janet Watson RWA: Stephen West : Anthony Whishaw RA RWA (Hon) : Alison Wilding RA : Glo Williams RWA : Lucy Willis RWA : James Wright

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24 June - 3 July

Admission prices

Summer Party and Postcard Auction will be held on 3 July. All tickets for the live auction event and summer party are now SOLD OUT. However all the postcards are on display in the shop and bids can be placed all the way up to the live event.

Bidding Opens 24 June.