Drawn 2017 selected artist Rosie Dolton

'Hare' 2017 Rosie Dolton

Rosie Dolton, Front of House Supervisor RWA on being selected for Drawn open submission biennial

I studied Fine Art in Cardiff and specialised in sculpture where I explored sewing into and wrapping found objects with wool which ignited my passion for textiles. After graduating I moved into a studio space in Cardiff and started to move away from sculpture and focus more on textiles where I played with ideas of the masculine and feminine. 

It was during this time that I began working for the RWA on the Welcome desk and developed a love for Bristol and its art scene and decided to move here. Now based in Bristol I work from my home studio and am particularly interested in how traditional craft based processes should be a valid art form within contemporary practice. The work ‘Hare’ (2017) that was selected for Drawn 2017 is part of a series of machine and hand embroideries where I am pushing the boundaries of what constitutes as drawing. The tangles of threads are like the lines in a sketch and I never cut or neaten these as I believe it adds another depth to my work. I am a self-taught textile artist and my finished work is never perfect, I like to show the process of sewing as a very physical thing where the touch of the artist is very evident; in some ways returning to my sculptural background. This year I am focusing on adding to my skill set I have just completed a dress making course at the Folkhouse and I have also enrolled in the three week Stitch a Drawing Course at the RWA which, in turn lead I hope will lead me to explore and develop new ideas.

'Hare' by Rosie Dolton is on display at Drawn until 4 June. You can see more of her work www.rosiedoltonartist.co.uk