Amanda Chambers is a multi-disciplinary fine artist. Her work considers our relationship to the past, placing particular emphasis on proximity and how the use of handmade processes creates an intimacy between the historical subject and the viewer. In this way, she gives physical form to the assertion by the author Hilary Mantel that, 'the past is not behind us, it is alongside'.

Subjects often revolve around cycles of conflict, with an interest in revealing lost, obscure or socio-political narratives – and is developed through a range of media including ceramics, drawing, sculpture, photographic and printing techniques and video.

Amanda has worked with international collections such as The Natural History Museum, The National Trust and the Bodleian Library and increasingly explores the imagination in relation to the historical record.

In 2017 she undertook residencies and exhibitions abroad, in Japan and Norway, and gave a series of talks about her experiences including at the Daiwa Foundation in London. She was also awarded an Arts Council England research and development grant to develop her work in clay. Her work has been published in several publications abroad and in the U.K. including Ceramic Review.

Her practice is based at BV Studios and her home based ceramic studio.

In 2018 Amanda was elected to the Royal Society of Sculptors.



Location: Bristol

Profession: Multi-disciplinary fine artist