Cath Hodsman is a Cotswolds-based artist and illustrator, who is one of the country’s foremost natural-history artists. Her passion and specialism is painting and sketching insects - In order to pay homage to their hidden beauty, she aims for 100% anatomical accuracy in every artistic study she produces. As such, she sells her work at the world-famous Natural History Museum, London. Through her beautiful scientific approach to her work, she has also been made a member of the prestigious, Royal Society of Biology and Royal Entomological Society. She is also well-known for her ever-popular  unique insect painting and sketching courses. With these, she is a registered tutor with the illustrious Royal Horticultural Society, Kew Gardens and many other relevant, esteemed artistic and natural history clientage and venues; including The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

Her work is in high demand for its illustrative value and as such, she provides work for relevant publications such as Countryfile magazine, the British Beekeeper’s Association and Leisure Painter.
Cath also uses her skills in painting and drawing to champion conservation causes in the natural world. As such, she is a member of the Amateur Entomologists’ Society, Butterfly Conservation, Glos’ Wildlife Trust and so on. Through her artwork, she has been involved in many important conservation projects

Her intricate and unique work is also used to raise funds for community causes such as the Festival of the Hares in Cirencester.

Profession: Artist, Tutor