Malcolm Ashman was born in Bath, Somerset in 1957. Malcolm is a painter working in oils, acrylics and pencil.

He is a member of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) and Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI), and has exhibited widely in London and the south of England, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Threadneedle Prize and the Royal Watercolour Society Competition.

He lives and works in Bath.

“Two subjects have engaged me over the years, the landscape and the figure. I don’t maintain a single cohesive style but prefer to allow each piece to dictate my response.

The landscape paintings are worked from brief drawings, memories and something deeper, maybe inherited memories I can’t quite pin down. They are places I know well; this is an important part of the work, revisiting the familiar. At its core it’s about the joy of solitude and the comfort of permanence.

Recent drawings and paintings of the male figure began as a personal exploration of where I fitted in to the often heard phrase ‘be a man’, I never knew quite what that meant. As with most explorations it posed more questions than it answered, which is an exciting prospect. Drawing someone is an intimate process and it’s important for me to converse and exchange ideas while working, it makes the work collaborative rather than simply observational. I enjoy the unnerving experience of not being in complete control.


I’m continuing to confront ideas of masculinity and male body image head on and I'm finding a place for myself somewhere in there. The newer fragment drawings are precariously balanced between transparency and invisibility yet still retain the ability to engage I hope. The more I find, the more slips away.”


Location: Bath

Profession: Fine Artist