Combining a rich career as a professional artist with work in art education and curation, Sara’s practice centres on creative interpretation, intuition, expression and the processes and purposes of making art. Her works explores and expounds interactions and relationships with environment and context.

Small-scale and intimate, or monumental and timeless, her gestural paintings and drawings are created in layers, alternately recording and expressing both the substance and essence of the subject and its environment, identifying the relationship between the two. Permanence and impermanence are caught in a fine balance.

Using the seemingly limitless and highly personal possibilities of painted and drawn marks, yet derived from the immediacy and documentation of video, photography and ‘found’ imagery, her works combine analysis and emotion.

The rich canvases or paper / card-based works are about a specific location, subject or object, but equally they can be other and imagined places and realities. Boundaries exist between figuration and abstraction, expression, memory and reality.

The uncompromising painterly or drawn marks which characterise the surface of each piece establish the critical context of the works; the subject and content operate within the vocabulary of gestures and marks. Each piece presents itself to be made and it is Sara’s endeavour to communicate to others what the objects and places have communicated to her. Balancing the possibilities and physicality of the paint with the requirements of the subject are a continual focus of the works.


Location: Somerset

Profession: Artist