Paul Brason is Past President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, a finalist for many years running of the BP Portrait Awards and winner of the Ondaatje Award for portraiture. His work generally explores the human condition within the historical framework of the commissioned portrait. He is represented in many public and private collections including the National Portrait Gallery.

'I am not sure I am really a portrait painter, because I only really use a person to express something else. If they are outside, I feel their face should reflect the skies they have walked under all of their lives and I might be thinking about that while I paint them'.

His non-portraits similarly explore the idea of experience. In Remembered Moment, for example, there is typically an implied narrative. The viewer is invited to ponder his or her own ideas about love and loss, hope and experience, within this austere framework of light and shade - light and shade itself becoming a metaphor for the way we think.

Paul lives and works in Bath.





Location: Bath

Profession: Painter