Since graduating I have continually challenged my work and practice, and set expressive goals for myself; usually this is about conveying feeling to the viewer.  I use abstraction as a medium for this, and I am particularly interested in mark making; how this affects the viewer.

Abstract art can reach into my soul and move and absorb me like no other art form. However it is the British landscape that inspires me and has always been my muse. I do not want to depict it I want to express it; by conveying the feelings I have for it. 

I work my two loves in tandem; abstract painting and abstraction of the Somerset levels and moors. I strive to paint my feelings and not what I see! Since our lives are made up of millions of tiny moments, both positive and negative. They appear and disappear triggered by a word a moment in time a colour a place a smile building layer upon layer.  This is how my paintings are built layering and glazing the paint influences the paintings final outcome; each layer building a picture of memory and experience.

I endeavour to express a feeling of place with colour and marks; and create work that has the ability to be felt by the viewer and not deliberated upon. 


Location: Somerset

Profession: Painter